hey, I'm jason loden ganub 🚀

I'm a full-stack engineer, leader, and team builder. I currently work as the Head of Engineering at SQE logoSQE, where I grow and teach the Sinarmas logoSinarmas group, best practices and to become product-minded engineers.

Me speaking on stage at React Summit about the future of Next.js
Me standing on stage at Reactathon delivering the keynote
Me and Guillermo Rauch on stage for Vercel Ship, answering questions from the Next.js community
Me, Lydia, and Delba filming the Next.js Conf keynote
My badge on top of a pile of badges from a Vercel meetup we held
Me standing on stage at SmashingConf giving a talk about my optimism for the web

Over the past decade, I've imersed in a vast amount of consumer and operational domains.
• Headed the digitilization of used car financing Sinrmas logoSinarmas Multifinance
• Managed the last-mile logistics delivery data science models in Sbox logoSayurbox
• Built end to end ride-hailing user experience in Gojek logoGojek
• Played around with Wi-FI and Bluetooth chips in Intel logoIntel

I create informative content for engineers, teaching them about tech stacks, career growth, leverage, engineering paradigms, leadership, and all things soft-skills.

I also enjoy writing as much as I enjoy reading. You'll find my writings below as well as on my blog page regarding technologies, architecture, career growth, and again; soft skills.

I've worked with and advised early stage startups on fast-delivery, product-led growth, scalable solutions, and more.