my work

On a mission to build great products and to grow engineers to their fullest potential. Culture is the foundation of building an impactful team for growth, trust, and ownership. Here's a summary of my work so far.

S-Quantum Engine (SQE) - Sinarmas Group

Head of Engineering

Jakarta, Indonesia

I joined SQE to lead the digitalization of used car financing for Sinarmas Multifinance (SMMF) and to grow both the SQE and SMMF engineering teams.

Since I joined Vercel in 2020, Next.js active developers have grown 1000%, now at ~900k. Next.js is now a top 10 software project on GitHub with. It's used by Walmart, ChatGPT, Starbucks, Okta, Datastax, Notion, and more.


Senior Engineering Manager, 2022 — 2023

Jakarta, Indonesia


Engineering Lead, 2018 — 2022

Jakarta, Indonesia


Software Engineer, 2015 — 2018

Portland, Oregon, USA